St. Francis Oncology Center in Klaipeda

The St. Francis oncology  centre is a non-profit public body set up by the Lithuanian St. Casimir Province of the Order of Friars Minor in 7  November  3005. The centre unites cancer patients, their relatives, friends and those who have already lost family members.


To improve the quality of life of cancer sufferers and the caring members of their families.


A mission is pastoral assistance and professional and voluntary psychological and social assistance to cancer patients and their relatives and the education of society regarding cancer care.


The Centre is based on Christian values. A person’s dignity is of the highest value and when suffering illness his greatest need is to achieve a dignified life.


  • A holistical attitude towards the human being.
  • The experience of every cancer sufferer is unique. That is why assistance is organised according to the need of the patient and his relatives, choosing individual ways and means.
  • Information and support is provided free of charge to every patient and their relatives, whatever their religious, ethnical or racial background.
  • Support is provided according to existing scientific norms and best practice.
  • The activities of the centre are based on teamwork and co-operation


  • To help maintain a meaningful life.
  • To propagate the attitude that cancer can be beaten – to raise the spirits and maintain realistic hope and to strengthen a persons confidence.
  • To encourage cancer patients and their relatives to co-operate with the centre staff and volunteers.
  • To support the medical care of the cancer sufferers by providing the psycho-sociological needs of the cancer sufferers and their relatives.
  • Not to give any medical advice (the information from the centre is not of a medical nature.)
  • To guarantee the confidentiality of information concerning each patient and their relatives.
  • Faith is not the way to gain pardon or to be cured. Faith is the way to find unity with God.
  • The care provided by the centre is not an alternative to medical care.


  • To provide spiritual assistance in order to restore harmony in a person’s spiritual life.
  • To provide professional and voluntary psycho-sociological help to cancer sufferers and their relatives in order to mitigate the social, psychosocial and spiritual consequences of the disease.
  • To eliminate the understanding that the desease is a punishment from God.
  • To educate and to teach patients and members of their family about cancer as a desease.
  • To encourage cooperation between patients, their relatives and members of the Health Service Community, based on mutual respect, dignity and sincere care.
  • To encourage the staff to get to know lmore about cancer as a desease and to strive for better understanding and higher standards of care.
  • To carry out a programme of educating society which is orientated towards understandintg lifestyle as a means of preventing cancer and its early diagnosis.
  • To carry out programmes to change peoples attitude of cancer as being an incurable desease and to reduce the social separation between cancer patients and their families.
  • To collect and diseminate information about cancer to cancer sufferers, their relatives and society.
  • To encourage and support the tests carried out in order to recognise the reasons for cancer, its prevention, diagnosis and effective treatment.
  • To co-operative with other organisisations providing psycho sociological and medical help.
  • To inform the general public about the activities of the centre.
  • To prepare and publish educational, scientific and informative publications concerning cancer.